Vaccines—Understanding The Basics

Syringe End PointVaccines are a controversial topic, but understanding more about them can help you keep your children healthy and safe. Here’s what you should know:

Why are vaccines important?

For many years in history, child mortality rates were incredibly high due to a number of factors. Deadly and devastating diseases like measles, mumps, polio and more spread through populations and took an especially high toll on the young and the old. Fortunately modern medicine developments, and particularly vaccines, have been able to eliminate many of these deadly diseases and provide protection against things like chicken pox and influenza.

Vaccines protect your children and your whole community.

How do vaccines work?

Vaccines contain extremely small amounts of germs that cause a specific disease. These germs have been either killed or weakened so that they no longer have the ability to cause the disease.

Instead, exposure to tiny amounts of these dead germs stimulates the immune system. The immune system produces T-lymphocytes and antibodies to that particular germ so that when a child or adult is exposed to that disease in other situations, the body has the tools it needs to prevent the disease from developing.

Some vaccines provide lifetime immunity while others need to be re-administered from time to time. Follow the instructions given by your doctor about when vaccines are necessary.

Without vaccines, exposure to these germs could be deadly, but with vaccines children and adults are completely protected against disease that used to kill thousands of people even if they are exposed to germs.

Vaccine Safety

Sadly, false information has been spread about vaccines that has made some parents nervous. Believing this bad information can be devastating to your children and others in your community. While some children may need to alter their vaccine schedule or receive special treatments, vaccines are very safe and parents who want their children to stay healthy should have those children vaccinated. If you have questions about vaccine safety, consult your doctor. Dr. Peraza is happy to educate clients and help them understand the benefits and necessity of vaccination.

As a parent it is your responsibility to keep your children healthy. Vaccines are essential tools for protecting your children from deadly diseases. To learn more about how vaccines work and why they are safe, contact Dr. Peraza.

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