Month: April 2016

How Hyaluronic Acid Benefits your Skin

dermal fillersSun, wind, rain, and virtually everything else in the environment eventually degrades the skin. However, you cannot be expected to stay inside all the time in order to enjoy lasting beauty. At some point, fine lines and wrinkles appear on us all simply because the body ages. Rather than attempt to avoid the inevitable, the team at Sahara Medical Institute invites you to address aging with injectible wrinkle-reduction treatments in our Las Vegas aesthetic center.

One of the ways that our team helps patients feel better about their appearance is by addressing skin laxity and lines with dermal fillers. As implied by the name, precision formulations “fill” creases and folds in the skin. Additionally, they can “fill out” areas which have become flat or deflated, such as the cheeks and the lips. Many of the popular filler products available today are based on hyaluronic acid.

Why we Love Hyaluronic Acid

This natural substance is produced by the body, but amounts decrease with age. Hyaluronic acid is partially responsible for the lubrication of joints, the eyes, and the skin. It works by attracting water molecules and then binding to them. When stores are depleted, the skin becomes dryer, seemingly by the day. As a result, it loses its elasticity and resiliency, giving way to lines and wrinkles.

Why Multiple Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Exist

You may have made the decision to seek help for your facial aging concerns, but still feel somewhat unsure of how to reach your desired outcome. A filler is not a filler is not a filler. What we mean is that all fillers are not created equal. In order to obtain the best results from dermal fillers, it is necessary to consult with an experienced practitioner who has treated a good number of patients. At Sahara Medical Institute, we recognize the difference between the tissue on the cheeks and that beneath the eyes. Our injectors know how our products will work beneath the skin, and which consistency of product is needed to achieve a desired outcome.

Some fillers are smooth, with tiny particles that fill in finer lines or hollows under the eyes. Other products are formulated with larger particles in a denser gel solution, making them better suited to thicker skin or the reinstatement of volume.

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Under Eye Bags? Consider Juvéderm!

Millions of men and women are concerned about the appearance of their eyes; specifically, about the bags beneath them. A bit of temporary puffiness after a poor night’s sleep is one thing, as is swelling due to allergies. But the constant appearance of fatty deposits under the eyes can be quite frustrating. This type of puffiness is not related to sleep and does not tend to respond to the topical serums and creams that promise to tighten the skin. If you are tired of looking tired because of under eye bags, consider how the Juvéderm product can help.

Why we get under eye bags

JuvedermThe skin around the eyes is delicate but pretty resilient. Bags are not the result of anything you have done wrong, but of internal and external factors such as:

  • Genetic makeup
  • Degradation of the muscles around the eyes
  • Fatty deposits around the orbital bone
  • Loss of elasticity in the skin

Under eye bags have been a prevalent problem affecting both men and women for centuries. Today, we have a number of ways to address them, and not all of them require surgery. Topical solutions such as expensive eye creams typically fail to produce the desired result. This is because the underlying problem is typically related to the body’s biochemistry. Skin becomes loose when there is insufficient structural support from within, so a cream will do very little to restore what has been lost. What can accomplish this goal is the right dermal filler.

Juvéderm is widely recognized as a safe, effective solution to nasolabial folds, the creases that develop around the nose and mouth. As clinical use has expanded, physicians have discovered the positive impact that the hyaluronic acid filler has on the hollows under the eyes.

How it Works

Injectible fillers reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles by plumping them with a naturally-occurring substance. When Juvéderm is inserted into the crease beneath the bag, the appearance of puffiness disappears. Treatment takes only a few minutes, and the inclusion of lidocaine in the filler solution makes injections more comfortable. Results from Juvéderm treatment last up to a year.

Rejuvenate your eyes and revive your facial esthetic. Contact Sahara Medical Institute for more information about Juvéderm.