Month: May 2016

Laser Hair Removal, Does it Really Work?

laser hair removalGrooming away unwanted hair. Many of us spend far too much time on this task! When there are other, more important and more fun things to do, why not expedite your daily hair removal routine by learning about laser hair removal?

Laser Hair Removal: How it Works

Laser hair removal has been used for several years. Around the world, this process has helped millions of men and women dwindle down the amount of unwanted hair in a given area. The way that laser treatment works is by vaporizing the hair that exists in the follicle at the time of the procedure. The pigment in hair picks up laser light and transfers it to heat. This thermal energy immediately destroys the hair, and affects the follicle so it cannot produce new hair once the growth cycle has been complete. What is important to understand is that hair grows in a cyclical pattern. There is an active growth phase, anagen, and also resting stages. Laser light can only reach hair in the follicle, not hair that is in a resting phase.

Does Laser Treatment Achieve Lasting Results?

To achieve long lasting results from laser hair removal, you must commit to a series of treatments. If you only treat the hair that is actively growing, you will very quickly see new hair on the area of interest. Most people are able to achieve their desired outcome in six to eight sessions. After this time, new hair growth, if it does occur, will be minimal. It is not accurate to describe laser hair removal as permanent, because a touch-up treatment may be needed every now and then.

Discover what Laser Hair Removal Can do for You

Many people are good candidates for laser hair removal. The primary limitation of current technology is the inability of non-pigmented hair to absorb laser light. Translation: gray and very light blond hair will not respond to treatment.

Laser hair removal can be very advantageous, whether performed in a small area such as the underarms or a larger area such as the back or the legs. You cannot underestimate the value of silky smooth skin that requires no shaving or waxing!

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Wrinkle Reduction 101

wrinkle treatmentWrinkles. As much as we would like to avoid them, they creep up on us when we least expect it. Many men and women begin to notice the visible signs of aging around the age of 40 to 45. After the initial horror of fine lines and wrinkles has occurred, it seems that the problem simply compounds on a yearly basis.

The bad news about wrinkles is that they are going to happen. The good news is that modern medicine has a number of ways to deal with this problem, and many of them do not involve surgery. The interesting news is that not all wrinkles are the same. For this reason, the treatment you seek matters.

The Basics of Facial Aging

Aging affects the face in some very specific ways. On the upper part of the face and around the eyes, we see dynamic wrinkles when we smile, frown, or squint. Dynamic wrinkles are those that we see, and then we don’t. We like dynamic wrinkles. They are a result of movement, and of muscle contractions.

Eventually, dynamic wrinkles become what are called static wrinkles. These lines and creases remain visible all the time, whether we are frowning or not, we may have a line or two between the brows that makes us look angry. Even when we are not laughing, those little laugh lines around the eyes are on display for the world to see. Static wrinkles, we don’t like them very much.

Solutions to the Different Types of Wrinkles

Patients who visit Sahara Medical Institute gain the benefit of our extensive training and knowledge regarding facial aging. Lines and wrinkles are, fortunately, easily treated. In most cases, mild to moderate lines and folds can be addressed with injectible solutions. Which solution we use will depend on whether we are correcting dynamic wrinkles that have become static wrinkles, or primary static wrinkles.

The concerns that develop around the eyes and brows can be minimized with Botox, which relaxes the tightness of muscles in these areas. On the lower areas of the face, around the nose, mouth, cheeks, and chin, dermal fillers can be applied to lift creases for a smoother, younger appearance. Finally, patients may also discuss Exilis treatment, which may address several signs of aging with radio frequency energy.

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