Going Bare: Let’s Talk Lasers!

laser hair removalGoing bare, it’s something that men and women alike have enjoyed for ages. We don’t mean bare in the sense of clothing-optional; more like hair-optional! Let’s face it, sometimes, as we get older, we really do notice that hair is growing in places we’d rather it not. Men may suddenly notice a few strands on their nose, or in their ears. Women, and men too, may grow tired of the hair that naturally grows under the arms, on the arms, on the toes, or in another part of the body. Fortunately, we have innovative technology to help us say buh-bye to unwanted hair.

The thing about laser hair removal is that, if you don’t know the details, you can easily believe something that isn’t accurate about this treatment. Here, we will lay it on the line:

Lasers are Great, but Still . . .
In the early days of laser hair removal, it seems as though treatment had been developed solely for those with dark hair and light skin. The reason for the limited range at the onset of this modality was that the wavelengths of light used at that time were most effective on dark hair. In recent years, a number of advances in laser technology have occurred. This has expanded the variety of skin and hair tones that can be treated with laser hair removal. What you need to know is that gray hair will not absorb laser energy. Lighter hairs will, but it may take longer to fully eradicate hair production when hair is super-light.

Your Habits Matter
There are two ways in which habits come into play before, during, and after laser hair removal treatments. Let’s look at how:

  • Prior to laser hair removal, it is necessary to let hair grow into the follicles. Without hair inside these tiny openings, there is nothing to absorb the light that comes from our laser device. Before treatment, you can shave. In fact, it is recommended to shave rather than to let stubble grow.
  • During the treatment protocol, the skin will need a little extra TLC, this can come from moisturizing baths in warm, not hot, water. Heat dehydrates. Also, lotion used throughout the treatment program should be high in water content, not thick. Try to avoid scented lotions, as they may contain alcohol, which exacerbates dryness.
  • Tanning is a controversial habit all around. It creates damage to skin cells that leads to premature aging. As it pertains to laser hair removal, tanning can impede results, and also create discomfort by making the skin more sensitive to laser light.

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