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Botox: it’s Worth a Little Chat

BotoxBotox Cosmetic has been around for some time now. And yet, it seems to be the treatment that we’re all getting but not talking about. The fact is, there are important aspects of Botox treatment that need to be known. So many people are seeking this method of turning back the clock, but they may be doing so without understanding how to get the best possible care for their skin. Here, we want to touch on the notable points of Botox treatment. Maybe it will save you from looking overdone.

What is it We Want to Accomplish with Botox?
When you are considering getting Botox, what you imagine is that your eyes may look more energetic; that the perpetual frown on your face will go away. Maybe you look in the mirror and raise your eyebrows to see what you might look like after Botox. Behind all of these specific desires is the goal of looking naturally younger. If your injector does not go about your treatment in the appropriate manner, this may not be what you get.

The issue with Botox that many people have is that they do not know how much they need. An overzealous injector may not steer you in the right direction. Here’s what you need to know about dosage: you probably don’t need as much as you think. This is especially relevant when the patient is younger. The younger you are, the more responsive your skin will be to Botox treatment. So the idea of getting, say, 20 units to reduce lines on the forehead, may be a bit much. To avoid looking constantly surprised for months on end, start out small. You can always get more Botox after a week or two if you want more dramatic results!

Other important factors to consider include:

  • Side effects. Bruising is the primary side effect to injectable treatment, and you can minimize your risk. After Botox treatment, you may resume normal activities, but you may want to avoid heading straight to the gym or to yoga class. The increased circulation during physical exertion can lead to bruises around injection sites. Bruising is also a concern that is related to blood-thinners, aspirin, vitamin E, and certain other medications.
  • Maxing out results. Who doesn’t want their younger look to last forever? The fact that Botox is metabolized over a few months’ time is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Some studies suggest that patients may enhance the longevity of their younger-looking skin by moving treated muscles for a few minutes after Botox treatment.

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Is Botox Right For You?

injection in the eyebrowBotox is a trusted and tested tool for those who want to reduce signs of aging, but it isn’t the right solution for everyone. Find out more about Botox to determine whether it is right for you:

How does Botox work?

Botox is a neurotoxin that is injected into your face using very tiny needles. Don’t let the word ‘neurotoxin’ scare you though—Botox, just like many other substances is harmful in huge amounts, but very safe and useful when used correctly in the right doses. It has been approved by the FDA since 1989.


When Botox is injected, it temporarily weakens the muscles in the targeted area. This creates a smooth outer appearance.

How long does Botox last?

Results will vary from patient to patient, but the results of Botox injections usually last for 3-6 months. Often patients who’ve been using Botox for awhile have longer lasting results.

What is Botox usually used for?

Because Botox weakens facial muscles, it is usually used to eliminate wrinkles that are caused by frequent facial expressions. It is often used to target furrows in the brow, crinkles around the eyes, and forehead lines. It can be used on other parts of the face, but it is often used on the upper third of the face.

What other things can Botox do?

Botox has turned out to be quite useful, and in addition to treating wrinkles, it can sometimes be used to treat migraines and stop excessive sweating.

Should you try Botox?

If you are opposed to regular maintenance treatments to keep up your appearance, you may want to try another procedure like a facelift.  If you are more worried about lost volume in your face than you are about wrinkles, dermal fillers may be the better option for you.


If however, you want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles caused by facial expressions, Botox is a great option. It is also a good choice for those who want a relatively affordable and surgery free way to look younger and improve their appearance.


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