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Is It Okay for Children to Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Laughing BoysWhile this might be a very controversial topic, there are many different situations in which it is not only acceptable but encouraged for a child to be a part of a plastic surgery procedure. These procedures are often more based in actual medicine and physical reconstruction as opposed to pure cosmetics.

Accident Reconstruction

Children are accident prone, and their little bodies cannot take a lot of trauma without some physical scarring. If a child was in a car accident or was bitten by a dog or whatever the case may be and is seriously wounded, this child might receive plastic surgery to help return this poor child to their original looks.

Cleft Lips and Palates

One of the most common physical birth defects, cleft lips and palates can severely hinder eating, breathing, speaking, and many other common activities that you and I take for granted. The only want to fix this condition is through plastic surgery.


One of the more common surgeries among children is otoplasty. Many children don’t like the way their ears looked and might even be made fun of mercilessly in school. In these cases, it might be best for the child’s emotional health if they got otoplasty to shrink their ears. On the opposite end of the spectrum, sometimes children are born with microtia, where the outside of the ear is underformed. The child would then undergo extensive reconstruction surgery in order to reconstruct the ear.

More Cosmetic Needs

Even if plastic surgery isn’t medically necessary, for many children it still might be emotionally necessary. Even something like birthmark removal and laser peels might be appropriate under circumstances where the child’s emotional well-being is at stake.

Other Plastic Surgeries

Whether you approve of pediatric plastic surgery or not, it is a fascinating topic. From jaw disorders to burns to extra fingers and toes to facial deformities, children might need almost any type of plastic surgery you can image. Of course, there will always be exceptions, but for the most part, the availability of pediatric plastic surgery is a huge blessing.