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What Should You Know About Platelet Rich Plasma?

hair-blowingWith so many cosmetic treatments available, it can be difficult to keep track of all your options. Platelet Rich Plasma (or PRP) is one option that can benefit many patients. Keep reading to learn more about it.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

Platelet Rich Plasma is made from your own blood. Before the designated procedure, about one ounce of blood will be drawn. It is then put into a centrifuge that spins it around and separates the blood into different components. This process takes about 15 minutes.

After the components have been separated, the part that is rich in platelets is extracted. This is the platelet rich plasma and it contains growth factors that aid the healing process.

What Can It Be Used For?

Platelet rich plasma’s primary function is to aid the healing process. It can be used to speed up hemostasis, reduce scarring, promote tissue regeneration and more.

Platelet Rich Plasma can be used to complement other cosmetic procedures and speed up the healing process.

How is PRP Administered?

After other procedures have been completed, PRP is used to seal wounds and aid the healing process. The platelet rich substance extracted from your blood is mixed with other components and sprayed onto the skin in the area that has been treated.

What Are The Advantages of Using Platelet Rich Plasma?

Because Platelet Rich Plasma comes from your body, you don’t have to worry about a negative reaction. Instead, PRP can help to seal wounds, speed up healing, reduce swelling, and prevent bruising.

In addition to helping your body heal, PRP can enhance the appearance of your skin. Some of the growth factors contained in PRP stimulate the production of collagen. This in turn can replenish lost volume and improve the tone and condition of your skin. Because PRP helps to rejuvenate your skin, it can leave you looking younger and feeling more confident and attractive.

If you’d like to learn more about Platelet Rich Plasma and other cosmetic procedures that can improve your appearance, restore your youth, and boost your confidence, schedule a consultation at the Sahara Medical Institute.