Month: November 2022

AAP Schedule of Well-Child Care Visits

Ref: AAP Schedule of Well-Child Care Visits

Ref: Why Well-Child Visits Matter (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia)

Don’t fall behind on your child’s routine care — a minor issue today could become a major problem tomorrow.

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to make sure your child regularly visits the doctor – not just when they are sick, but also when they are well.

Well-child visits allow your pediatrician to examine your child holistically, assess their physical and emotional needs, support their growth and development, and intervene quickly if any issues arise.

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What are the risks of skipping well-child visits?

If your child is healthy, it can be easy to let well visits fall by the wayside. While those annual checkups may seem like just another thing to fit into your family’s hectic schedule, they play a crucial role in preventing future problems. Well visits are essential to ensure your child gets the required vaccinations to attend school, go to daycare and participate in sports. Visiting the pediatrician when your child is well also provides you with an opportunity to ask questions – and get expert answers – about your child’s health, development and well-being. Delaying these visits can put your child at greater risk of illness or delay needed interventions. For example, many common developmental delays are discovered during routine checkups with pediatricians – early intervention makes a big difference in getting your child the support they need before something small turns into a bigger issue.

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