For Better Skin, Curb that Stress!

MicrodermabrasionStress is a natural part of life, except maybe if you are a cave-dwelling Tibetan monk. Since you’re reading this, we surmise that you are not a monk, which makes you like the rest of us average humans who can easily get swept away into a sea of stress. What is at the heart of our stress is irrelevant. It could be the latest news on television, or the extra pounds we noticed on the scale this morning. When we stress, we create a systemic response that can do more harm than good.

Stress is associated with cortisol. In small doses, this hormone can keep us alert and safe. However, for many of us, our body is riddled with cortisol on a daily basis. Our worry over what is happening in our life can lead to chronically high cortisol, which can lead to a number of other problems. Some of the common ways that stress shows up on the skin include:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles. Isn’t it ironic that the idea of aging could be stressful, and yet stress can accelerate the aging process? Cortisol has been linked to the deterioration of connective tissues, which is the underlying problem beneath fine lines and wrinkles, as well as loose, sagging skin and other cosmetic concerns.
  • Acne. High cortisol affects the sebaceous glands, prompting them to excrete more oil. More oil on the skin means accumulation of debris and bacteria, which means clogged pores. Clogged pores equals pimples and blackheads.
  • Skin problems like psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema are chronic conditions that, with good care, can be managed. Each can also flare up during times of stress.

Putting your Skin First
There are ways to maintain healthy, attractive skin even in the face of daily stressors. One of the best things we can all learn to do is manage our response to stress, since we cannot avoid it. How you manage stress is up to you to determine. A walk in the park may be better for you than a hot yoga class, so don’t limit your choices for stress relief.
Stressed-out skin can also be pampered by the team at Sahara Medical Institute. In our Las Vegas facility, you may choose skin-boosting treatments such as:

  • Microdermabrasion
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments
  • Customized chemical peel treatments

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Going Bare: Let’s Talk Lasers!

laser hair removalGoing bare, it’s something that men and women alike have enjoyed for ages. We don’t mean bare in the sense of clothing-optional; more like hair-optional! Let’s face it, sometimes, as we get older, we really do notice that hair is growing in places we’d rather it not. Men may suddenly notice a few strands on their nose, or in their ears. Women, and men too, may grow tired of the hair that naturally grows under the arms, on the arms, on the toes, or in another part of the body. Fortunately, we have innovative technology to help us say buh-bye to unwanted hair.

The thing about laser hair removal is that, if you don’t know the details, you can easily believe something that isn’t accurate about this treatment. Here, we will lay it on the line:

Lasers are Great, but Still . . .
In the early days of laser hair removal, it seems as though treatment had been developed solely for those with dark hair and light skin. The reason for the limited range at the onset of this modality was that the wavelengths of light used at that time were most effective on dark hair. In recent years, a number of advances in laser technology have occurred. This has expanded the variety of skin and hair tones that can be treated with laser hair removal. What you need to know is that gray hair will not absorb laser energy. Lighter hairs will, but it may take longer to fully eradicate hair production when hair is super-light.

Your Habits Matter
There are two ways in which habits come into play before, during, and after laser hair removal treatments. Let’s look at how:

  • Prior to laser hair removal, it is necessary to let hair grow into the follicles. Without hair inside these tiny openings, there is nothing to absorb the light that comes from our laser device. Before treatment, you can shave. In fact, it is recommended to shave rather than to let stubble grow.
  • During the treatment protocol, the skin will need a little extra TLC, this can come from moisturizing baths in warm, not hot, water. Heat dehydrates. Also, lotion used throughout the treatment program should be high in water content, not thick. Try to avoid scented lotions, as they may contain alcohol, which exacerbates dryness.
  • Tanning is a controversial habit all around. It creates damage to skin cells that leads to premature aging. As it pertains to laser hair removal, tanning can impede results, and also create discomfort by making the skin more sensitive to laser light.

Get the right information about laser hair removal to determine the best time to start your treatment program. Call our Las Vegas office at (702) 823-5010.

Botox: it’s Worth a Little Chat

BotoxBotox Cosmetic has been around for some time now. And yet, it seems to be the treatment that we’re all getting but not talking about. The fact is, there are important aspects of Botox treatment that need to be known. So many people are seeking this method of turning back the clock, but they may be doing so without understanding how to get the best possible care for their skin. Here, we want to touch on the notable points of Botox treatment. Maybe it will save you from looking overdone.

What is it We Want to Accomplish with Botox?
When you are considering getting Botox, what you imagine is that your eyes may look more energetic; that the perpetual frown on your face will go away. Maybe you look in the mirror and raise your eyebrows to see what you might look like after Botox. Behind all of these specific desires is the goal of looking naturally younger. If your injector does not go about your treatment in the appropriate manner, this may not be what you get.

The issue with Botox that many people have is that they do not know how much they need. An overzealous injector may not steer you in the right direction. Here’s what you need to know about dosage: you probably don’t need as much as you think. This is especially relevant when the patient is younger. The younger you are, the more responsive your skin will be to Botox treatment. So the idea of getting, say, 20 units to reduce lines on the forehead, may be a bit much. To avoid looking constantly surprised for months on end, start out small. You can always get more Botox after a week or two if you want more dramatic results!

Other important factors to consider include:

  • Side effects. Bruising is the primary side effect to injectable treatment, and you can minimize your risk. After Botox treatment, you may resume normal activities, but you may want to avoid heading straight to the gym or to yoga class. The increased circulation during physical exertion can lead to bruises around injection sites. Bruising is also a concern that is related to blood-thinners, aspirin, vitamin E, and certain other medications.
  • Maxing out results. Who doesn’t want their younger look to last forever? The fact that Botox is metabolized over a few months’ time is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Some studies suggest that patients may enhance the longevity of their younger-looking skin by moving treated muscles for a few minutes after Botox treatment.

At Sahara Medical Institute, we help make Las Vegas more beautiful! Call (702) 823-5010 for your anti-aging treatment.

Younger Looking Skin without Surgery . . . Just a few Needles!

MicroneedlingMicroneedling is one of the newest anti-aging, scar and stretch mark erasing treatments to be introduced into aesthetic medicine. It is helping our patients regain the smooth, supple skin they once had, and giving them back the confidence that goes along with healthy, glowing skin. If you don’t like the idea of surgery, but you also don’t like the idea of growing old gracefully (really, who wants to grow old at all?), microneedling may be an excellent choice of care for you.

Needling the Face? That Sounds more Painful than Surgery!
At least cosmetic plastic surgery is conducted while you are dreaming away under general anesthesia. Microneedling is minimally invasive and non-surgical, so there is no sleeping through this treatment. How can people sit here and let us DO that to their face? Easy. The instruments are called microneedles for a reason! They are very, very small; so small, in fact, that most patients have no trouble at all completing their session without anesthetic of any kind. This doesn’t mean we expect that from everyone. If you are new to the microneedling game, we’re happy to set your mind at ease by pre-treating your skin with topical numbing cream.

Ok. But WHY?
In order to agree to have anyone stick needles into your face, small as they are, you have to have a reason; there has to be some benefit at the end of all of this. And there is. There are several, actually. But first, let’s go back to the point that the 32-guage needles used in this treatment are TINY. The micro-injuries that are created by the precision insertion of these needles, multiple at a time, seal back up within just a few minutes. That’s how small the needles are! That’s how gentle treatment is. At the same time, it is powerful.

Microneedling is intended for collagen induction. Every tiny puncture that is made invites collagen to swoop in and save the day. But because there is no real injury, the influx of collagen instead works to repair whatever damage is there, and that could be dark spots, acne scars, or other imperfections.
If you have been toying with the idea of improving your skin with microneedling, call our Las Vegas medical institute at (702) 823-5010. You’ll be surprised at just how easy it is to increase collagen with this gentle treatment.

Tired of the Endless Deprivation Diet? Let’s Talk Exilis!

Exilis for Skin TighteningAsk just about any woman you meet and she could name off at least a handful of diet and exercise fads she may have tried throughout her lifetime. The fact is, losing weight and keeping it off seems to get much more challenging the older we get. To make matters worse, most of us are relatively sedentary. We hop in our car and drive to work where we sit at a desk for several hours. Once we drive home, we may find ourselves taxiing kids from one activity to another before making dinner. By the time these tasks have been handled, we just want to sit down and relax! It’s a recipe for disaster.

If you have been struggling to get to your “sweet spot” in terms of weight, and are oh so close but have some lingering areas in which the fat just seems to hang on for dear life, we can help you. Many of our patients have discovered that they can finally feel great about their body thanks to Exilis radiofrequency fat-reduction.

Exilis is a device that is based on powerful radiofrequency energy. Its delivery method is comfortable and non-invasive, but its results are pretty impressive. When radiofrequency is absorbed into target cells, they become superheated and empty their contents. More importantly, they are perceived as damaged by the body’s immune system, and so they are also eliminated. Bye, Bye, fat cells! But there’s more . . .

One of the reasons that we selected to offer Exilis versus other fat-reducing treatments is because of the positive effects of warming radiofrequency over cooling techniques. Because the cells beneath the device transfer thermal energy to heat, there is also a restructuring of collagen that takes place. This means tighter, younger-looking skin.

Exilis can tighten and tone and reduce fat in areas across the face and body, including the cheeks, jowls, stomach, arms, thighs, and more. Treatment time depends on the body part we are treating, and the results from treatment appear gradually as the body naturally does away with unwanted fat.

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Your Lips Deserve a Standing Ovation!

JuvedermOver the past several years, we have witnessed immense change in the area of aesthetic medicine. One of those has been a hot new trend, largely promoted by popular reality TV personality Kylie Jenner. It was just last year that this young lady came clean about her visits with her California cosmetic surgeon to augment her lips with temporary soft tissue fillers.  Since that time, searches for the term “lip fillers” have gone through the roof, understandably so. We do not involve ourselves in the conversation regarding the appropriateness of a 17-year-old undergoing such a procedure. What we do, however, is help our patients gain the appearance they desire by consulting with them about their concerns related to thin or deflated lips.

Should you get lip fillers?

Like many other cosmetic treatments, lip fillers can be incredibly valuable in certain situations. That does not mean that every woman should enlarge the size of her lips. Also, it does not mean that bigger is better (look how that idea turned out with breast implants!). When we look at women like Jenner or like Angelina Jolie, we see how the lips take center stage to enhance overall beauty. Conversely, there are examples of overfilling, and the downside to this dramatic augmentation. Some examples of what not to do include actress Lisa Rinna or model Janice Dickinson.

Lip fillers are often used to:

  • Make a thin upper lip appear more prominent.
  • Make the lips appear more symmetrical, or balanced in their contours.
  • Add volume to upper or lower lips that have deflated over the years. This also can restore better definition around the borders of the mouth.
  • Minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that have developed along lip borders.

At Sahara medical Institute, you can find the care you need from a friendly inexperienced staff. The product often used to fill out the lips is Juvederm, a trusted filler with a proven history of success. To learn more about lip fillers and how your lips can get a standing ovation, call 702-823-5010.

Get your Summer Glow Going with Microneedling Treatment

Microneedle treatments

There are many ways that we prepare ourselves for summer. Primarily, we look at our physical shape and do what we feel we must to foster the utmost confidence in a physique that will be more exposed in shorts and bathing suits. But we should remember to consider our skin and the exposure that it, too, will get during the warm-weather months. Whether it is stretch marks on your abdomen, legs, or arms, or fine lines, wrinkles, and brown spots on your face, microneedling is a treatment that can give you a summer glow now.

What is Microneedling

This skin rejuvenating treatment may still seem relatively new, though it’s been around for a few years. Some people, due to the use of PRP with microneedling, think of this minimally invasive procedure as a “Vampire Facial.” What microneedling does is create microscopic injuries using a score of tiny needles. These micro-injuries are so tiny that they begin to heal immediately, while you are still in the office! Beneath the surface, however, the body is already at work repairing these wounds by proliferating collagen and elastin.

As stores of these vital substances are improved, the skin looks more and more refreshed. In the weeks following treatment, patients notice:

  • Smoother texture
  • More firmness in the skin
  • Improved tightness
  • Diminished lines, scars, or stretch marks
  • Lightening of dark spots
  • Refinement of pores

Microneedling is a Great Summertime Treatment

Men and women are in need of consistency in terms of anti-aging skin care. As such, they are also in need of options. Certain types of treatments, such as chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing, can create photosensitivity in healthy, new skin cells. This can translate into easy burning and further damage due to the absorption of UV light. Microneedling does not cause the skin to become more sensitive to light, which makes it an excellent summertime skin-rejuvenating procedure.

Get your Glow On

A summer glow doesn’t have to mean a golden tan (in fact, it shouldn’t)! Your skin can become more radiant and better supported with microneedling at Sahara Medical Institute. Call (702) 823-5010 to schedule your visit.

Sunscreen: Your Ticket to Healthier Skin

skin careAs much as the discussion about skin cancer has increased in recent years, studies show that a large majority of people remain in the dark about the power of sunscreen. Some studies indicate that the use of sunscreen has declined over the past few years. Other studies indicate that we may be collectively choosing the wrong products and the wrong methods to protect ourselves against skin cancer.

Get to Know your Sunscreen

When you choose a sunscreen product, what is the first thing you observe? Is it SPF? If so, you’re not alone. Many people associate the SPF number on the sunscreen bottle with strength, the higher the number the better the protection. In truth, even a lower SPF of 15 filters out over 90% of UVB light. SPF 15 also gives you 15 times more time in the sun than if you went sunscreen-free. So, if you are one who tends to burn within 10 minutes of being in the sun, applying SPF 15 sunscreen should presumably offer you 150 minutes of light-filtering to prevent sunburn. However sunburn is only one of the dangers of UV radiation.

UVA and the Skin

While UVB light is responsible for the physiological changes that result in red, prickly skin, UVA radiation has been associated with latter onset conditions. These include premature aging, a noticeable loss of elasticity in the skin, and skin cancer. Clearly, there is a need for UVA protection and sunscreen; but this is not indicated by SPF. The term “broad-spectrum” is what indicates this characteristic, and it is what you should look for when choosing sunscreen for you and your family.

Your Skin Health is in Your Hands . . . Literally

No matter how high the SPF of your sunscreen, protection from UV radiation comes from the proper application. Most people do not apply the adequate amount of sunscreen (about 2 tablespoons ), and most people do not apply sunscreen as frequently as they should (every 2-3 hours). UV damage occurs within minutes of being in the sun. For this reason, it is important to wear sunscreen on a daily basis, covering all areas of the face, neck, chest, backs of hands, and any other area that is exposed. On days at the beach, the pool, or any other outdoor area, SPF 30 sunscreen with water resistant capabilities is recommended.

At Sahara medical Institute, we offer complexion analysis using the innovative Visia system. Contact our office to see how a personal analysis can identify hidden sun damage beneath your skin.

Laser Hair Removal, Does it Really Work?

laser hair removalGrooming away unwanted hair. Many of us spend far too much time on this task! When there are other, more important and more fun things to do, why not expedite your daily hair removal routine by learning about laser hair removal?

Laser Hair Removal: How it Works

Laser hair removal has been used for several years. Around the world, this process has helped millions of men and women dwindle down the amount of unwanted hair in a given area. The way that laser treatment works is by vaporizing the hair that exists in the follicle at the time of the procedure. The pigment in hair picks up laser light and transfers it to heat. This thermal energy immediately destroys the hair, and affects the follicle so it cannot produce new hair once the growth cycle has been complete. What is important to understand is that hair grows in a cyclical pattern. There is an active growth phase, anagen, and also resting stages. Laser light can only reach hair in the follicle, not hair that is in a resting phase.

Does Laser Treatment Achieve Lasting Results?

To achieve long lasting results from laser hair removal, you must commit to a series of treatments. If you only treat the hair that is actively growing, you will very quickly see new hair on the area of interest. Most people are able to achieve their desired outcome in six to eight sessions. After this time, new hair growth, if it does occur, will be minimal. It is not accurate to describe laser hair removal as permanent, because a touch-up treatment may be needed every now and then.

Discover what Laser Hair Removal Can do for You

Many people are good candidates for laser hair removal. The primary limitation of current technology is the inability of non-pigmented hair to absorb laser light. Translation: gray and very light blond hair will not respond to treatment.

Laser hair removal can be very advantageous, whether performed in a small area such as the underarms or a larger area such as the back or the legs. You cannot underestimate the value of silky smooth skin that requires no shaving or waxing!

Learn more about laser hair removal in Las Vegas. Call Sahara Medical Institute at (702) 823-5010.

Wrinkle Reduction 101

wrinkle treatmentWrinkles. As much as we would like to avoid them, they creep up on us when we least expect it. Many men and women begin to notice the visible signs of aging around the age of 40 to 45. After the initial horror of fine lines and wrinkles has occurred, it seems that the problem simply compounds on a yearly basis.

The bad news about wrinkles is that they are going to happen. The good news is that modern medicine has a number of ways to deal with this problem, and many of them do not involve surgery. The interesting news is that not all wrinkles are the same. For this reason, the treatment you seek matters.

The Basics of Facial Aging

Aging affects the face in some very specific ways. On the upper part of the face and around the eyes, we see dynamic wrinkles when we smile, frown, or squint. Dynamic wrinkles are those that we see, and then we don’t. We like dynamic wrinkles. They are a result of movement, and of muscle contractions.

Eventually, dynamic wrinkles become what are called static wrinkles. These lines and creases remain visible all the time, whether we are frowning or not, we may have a line or two between the brows that makes us look angry. Even when we are not laughing, those little laugh lines around the eyes are on display for the world to see. Static wrinkles, we don’t like them very much.

Solutions to the Different Types of Wrinkles

Patients who visit Sahara Medical Institute gain the benefit of our extensive training and knowledge regarding facial aging. Lines and wrinkles are, fortunately, easily treated. In most cases, mild to moderate lines and folds can be addressed with injectible solutions. Which solution we use will depend on whether we are correcting dynamic wrinkles that have become static wrinkles, or primary static wrinkles.

The concerns that develop around the eyes and brows can be minimized with Botox, which relaxes the tightness of muscles in these areas. On the lower areas of the face, around the nose, mouth, cheeks, and chin, dermal fillers can be applied to lift creases for a smoother, younger appearance. Finally, patients may also discuss Exilis treatment, which may address several signs of aging with radio frequency energy.

You deserve to feel like your best self, and we can help. Call Sahara Medical Institute in Las Vegas at (702) 823-5010.